Who Am I?

An Introduction to Greg Hafif


Greg Hafif, an accomplished individual with a passion for both law and academia. Having attended Western Christian High School in West Covina he then earned dual degrees in Political Science and Business from the University of La Verne while captain of the speech and debate team and playing Varsity Tennis and Basketball. He went on to achieve academic excellence by graduating from Pepperdine Law School. With over three decades of experience as a practicing lawyer, Greg Hafif has garnered invaluable expertise, making a significant impact within the legal profession.

Why I am Running for Congress?

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Where I Stand on Domestic Issues



Healthcare is a fundamental right, not a privilege. Every person deserves access to quality care and the peace of mind that comes with it.

I believe in affordable and inclusive healthcare for all, regardless of income or background.  That is why we must preserve the Affordable Care Act.

Join me in fighting for a healthier, more equitable future for everyone.


Equal Education is the cornerstone of progress and opportunity. I firmly believe in empowering our students and educators to create a brighter future for all. That is one of the reasons why our Foundations donated to so many community colleges and Universities supplying scholarships to deserving aspiring students.

We must invest in our schools, providing 1nodern resources and technology to foster a love for learning and critical thinking.

Quality education should be accessible to every child, regardless of their zip code or background. It’s time to bridge the gaps and create equal opportunities for success. No child should fall behind because they lack access to today’s technology.



Inclusive, compassionate, and equal treatment for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, is a fundamental value we must uphold in our society.
I firmly believe in supporting LGBTQ+ rights, promoting acceptance, and ensuring that everyone has the freedom to live their authentic lives without fear of discrimination.
Together, let’s work towards a more inclusive society, where everyone is celebrated for who they are, and diversity is embraced.


A strong economy is essential for the well-being of our community. My vision for the economy is one that sustains job growth, innovation, and opportunities for all. We need to keep moving forward investing in renewable energy and development of independence the semiconductor industry by investing in manufacturing right here at home.
I believe in supporting small businesses, providing them with the
resources and incentives they need to succeed and create jobs. Small business is the driving force in our economy and we need to listen to their concerns.
I am also committed to policies that protect small business, ensure fair wages, worker protection, and access to quality healthcare and education. All of these priorities can be balanced so everyone wins.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the 1nost critical challenges of our time. We must be the world leader in this area and take bold and decisive action to address this global crisis.
I believe in acknowledging the scientific consensus and understanding that human activities significantly contribute to climate change.
I am committed to investing in renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting initiatives that promote sustainable practices.
Together, we can work towards a greener and more resilient future for our planet and future generations.
Join me in the fight against climate change and building a healthier planet for all.

Gun Control


Gun control is a complex and sensitive issue that requires careful consideration. Recent Supreme Court decisions have added to the complexity, making it vital to find common-sense solutions that prioritize public safety while respecting Second Amendment rights.
Furthermore, let’s invest in mental health services to identify and address potential risks while promoting responsible gun ownership.
Collaboration between law enforcement, communities, and responsible gun owners is essential to ensure safer neighborhoods.
Together, let’s work towards sensible solutions that balance public safety and individual rights.


Immigration is an integral part of our nation’s identity, and I believe in the value that legal immigration brings to our society and economy.
We must make the asylum process more accessible, allowing individuals to apply in their countries of origin and explore online options where possible, to help relieve the problems at the border.
Our history is built on the contributions of immigrants, and we must continue to welcome those who come seeking legally a better life. Let’s make the process easier in the Country of origin.
At the same time, we cannot ignore the challenges we face at the border. Our border agents are overwhelmed, and our infrastructure is stretched to its limits. This leads to unfortunate consequences.
Let’s find common ground, addressing both the needs of those seeking refuge and the concerns at our borders.

Where I Stand Foreign Policy Issues


Having visited over 40 countries worldwide, and studying the political, geographical, economic, and social intricacies of these diverse nations, I have cultivated a unique and comprehensive perspective on foreign policy.


The escalating threat posed by China to Taiwan demands immediate attention from the international community.


Supporting Ukraine is not just a matter of regional concern; it’s a statement of commitment to international law, sovereignty, and stability


Supporting NATO is crucial for maintaining global stability and security. As a vital alliance of democratic nations, NATO fosters collective defense, deters aggression, and promotes cooperation among member states.


Recognizing the delicate balance between global economic interdependence and safeguarding our national interests, I advocate for a pragmatic approach to trade.


Safeguarding our democratic processes and critical infrastructure from cyber- attacks orchestrated by Russia and China is paramount. These threats undermine the very foundations of our nation’s sovereignty and security.

News & Events

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